I won't give up
Members Stories


Sat, Oct 28, 2017

Hilton Concord
1970 Diamond Blvd
Concord, CA 94520

Putnam Clubhouse provides a safe and welcoming place where participants (called members, not patients or clients or consumers) build on personal strengths instead of focusing on illness.

Members learn and improve vocational and social skills while working together to run all aspects of the Clubhouse—everything from clerical to cooking, governance to fundraising.

NEW!: 2015 Putnam Clubhouse Annual Report.

Read about Putnam Clubhouse and the Clubhouse Model. Learn about the Work-Ordered Day and Employment, Education, Recreation, Healthy Living, and Outreach Programs. Meet the Staff and Board of Directors.

Take a video tour of the Clubhouse, watch the members talk about their experiences in Be The Change: Talk About It!, and view the I Won’t Give Up music video, all created by Putnam Clubhouse.

Come Inside the Clubhouse
Come inside to see:
• How to Join
• Multimedia
• Career Corner
• Our Newsletter
• Useful Resources
And much more!
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