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Board of Directors


Herb Putnam, (1928 – 2008)
Founding Board Member

2017 Board Members

Randi Hackbarth, President

Randi Hackbarth joined the board in 2007 and is its current president. Randi previously served as the board’s vice president and secretary. Before retiring, she was the director of nursing and patient care services at John Muir Behavioral Health Center. Randi was responsible for the operational management of inpatient and outpatient programs and staff along with regulatory agency requirements. As a psychiatric nurse, she is grateful for the Clubhouse model and the recovery and growth she witnesses each day in the members. Randi is continually amazed with the skills, talents, compassion, and perseverance that members bring to the remarkable Clubhouse community. A registered nurse, Randi holds a B.S.N. and an M.P.A. She is a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and was a certified nursing administrator. Randi currently volunteers as a women’s crew team leader for Habitat for Humanity, East Bay/Silicon Valley.

Linda Cardiff, Vice President

A founding board member, Linda Cardiff currently serves as vice president. For the past 30 years, Linda has been the executive editor of the Sound Advice investment newsletter. She has also edited several business books, including The Coming Real Estate Crash, which was a best-seller in 1980. Linda is president of her consulting firm, Pasche Inc., which specializes in raising capital for real estate ventures. Since 1996 she has raised over 60 million dollars for self-storage ventures. Prior to Linda’s current work, she sold computer integrated micrographic equipment for 3M winning numerous sales awards. Being of service to her community and country has always been a high priority in her life. In the last 8 years Linda has devoted most of her volunteerism to mental health. Previous volunteer efforts include forming a committee that raised $1.5 million to build a pool for Monte Vista High School (for which an award was received from the town of Danville), serving on the board of Seven Hills School, and being a member of the Orton Dyslexia and Linnaean Societies. Linda holds a B.A. in history from the University of California, Berkeley.

Betty McCabe, Treasurer

A founding board member and the first board president, Betty McCabe currently serves as treasurer. Following retirement as a partner with Accenture LLC where she specialized in customer care and billing in the telecommunications industry and assisted major telecommunications firms worldwide redesign their processes and systems, Betty helped start Putnam Clubhouse. After years in the business world, she wanted to contribute to an organization that has impact at the individual level and at Putnam Clubhouse has experienced how board contributions of time and money help members rebuild their lives every day. With a B.A. in mathematics from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Betty is also a court appointed volunteer advocate for CASA Walnut Creek and is the current treasurer of the Danville Congregational Church.

Lisa Breton, Secretary

Lisa Breton joined the board of directors in 2014 and took office as secretary of the board in 2015. Lisa, who holds credentials in physical science and mathematics, teaches physics and chemistry in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District and is beginning her 18th year of teaching. As a parent of a daughter with a serious mental illness who has been helped by the Clubhouse, Lisa is committed to Putnam Clubhouse’s belief that “everyone with a mental illness can build a meaningful and productive life.” As an educator, Lisa continues to see the impact of mental illness on our youth. She believes Putnam Clubhouse has been an invaluable resource in her life and wants to give back to both the Clubhouse community and the wider mental health community as well. Along with her teaching credentials and a B.S. in physical science, Lisa is CLAD certified (Crosscultural Language and Academic Development) and a member of several teaching organizations: NSTA, CSTA, and AAPT.

Molly Hamaker, Executive Director

A founding board member and former board vice president, Molly Hamaker has served as the executive director of The Contra Costa Clubhouses, Inc. since August 2008. Previously, Molly spent 20 years as an independent business development consultant advising a wide variety of nonprofit and for-profit enterprises. She has also worked as a credentialed school psychologist at a variety of schools in Contra Costa County. Molly has demonstrated a life-long commitment to improving communities in which she lives. When her daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia she became motivated to help start Putnam Clubhouse to fill gaps in the system of care for mental health. Molly has an M.A. and an Ed.S. in educational psychology from Chapman University. She currently serves on Contra Costa’s Mental Health Services Act Consolidated Planning Advisory Workgroup (CPAW), CPAW’s steering committee, and the steering committee of Contra Costa Behavioral Health’s First Hope program.

David Coombs

Dave Coombs joined the board of directors in 2014. Prior to retirement, Dave worked for merchant homebuilders as a director of forward planning. Dave’s faith calls him to help those who are in need and inspired him to spend the last ten years of his business life in the assisted living profession. In a partnership, Dave developed two assisted living communities to help those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, serving as the executive director of one and holding a Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly license. Dave was motivated to join the board after watching Putnam Clubhouse contribute to his son’s recovery with compassion and nurturing. He holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley. Dave has been a member of the California Building Association and the California Assisted Living Association. He was the Building Industry Association of Northern California’s builder of the year.

Linn Coombs

Linn Coombs has been a board member since 2014. Linn is recently retired after 40 years as an attorney specializing in estate planning, during which time she was a California State Bar Certified Specialist in Probate, Estate Planning and Trust Law. Her son is an active member of Putnam Clubhouse. Linn graduated from Stanford University and UCLA School of Law. She is also an active member of San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church.

Jim Davis

Jim Davis joined the board in November, 2015. Jim is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP in San Francisco where he helps clients transform the customer relationships leveraging digital technology. After years of attending Putnam Clubhouse’s fall banquet, he wanted to contribute more of his time and experience to the Clubhouse. Jim has a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego and an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley. An Eagle Scout, Jim has been active in scouting his entire life—most recently spending time as committee chair in his son’s Boy Scout Troop. He is an active volunteer for Shelter, Inc. and Loaves & Fishes, as well as a tutor in Pittsburg as part of Contra Costa Interfaith Housing’s Homework Club. Jim has firsthand experience of mental illness in his own family and has a great passion for helping people recover—especially those in the need for housing in our community.

Markus Kaminski

Putnam Clubhouse member Markus Kaminski joined the board of directors in 2015. Markus is a qualified auto body repair technician who has worked for over 30 years in the auto body repair industry and was once president of the board of an automobile related business. He holds several certifications for automobile body and paint repair and certificates of competency in the auto body repair industry and belongs to the following industry associations: ICAR, ASE, IMAACA, and the Society for Collisions Repair Specialists. Markus is interested in the success of Putnam Clubhouse as a vocational rehabilitation organization along with continuing his progress with personal self-improvement. He looks forward to becoming more outgoing, communicative, and socially active in the course of his work as a board member. Markus received a Cal Alumni scholar award while attending the University of California, Berkeley.

Janis Laiacona

Janis Laiacona joined the board of directors in 2014. Janis is licensed in California as a registered nurse and clinical nurse specialist. She is currently employed at John Muir Behavioral Health Center. Janis believes that recovery-centered programs for individuals with mental health issues are a critical movement in the community for encouraging hope, reducing stigma, and promoting human dignity. She recognizes that Putnam Clubhouse serves all three functions and feels privileged to be connected with the organization. Janis holds both a B.S. and an M.S. in nursing and is board certified by the American Nurses Association credentialing center as a clinical nurse specialist in adult mental health nursing, an advanced practice role.

Selah Baker

Putnam Clubhouse member Selah Baker joined the board of directors in 2016. Selah holds a B.A. in African Diaspora Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and has begun work on an M.S.W. program. She is currently enrolled in the Service Provider Individualized Recovery Intensive Training (SPIRIT) program and an intern with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Contra Costa County. At Putnam Clubhouse, Selah is a member of the Vocational, Education, Retail Development & Enrichment (VERDE) Unit, the Clubhouse Rockers band, and the Young Adults program. In the past, she has worked as a tutor, advocate, and educational consultant, and served for ten years as a community liaison, minister of worship, and outreach coordinator at Abundant Life Ministries Where Lives Are Changing in Oakland, California. Selah’s passion for community mental health is rooted in the concept of community integration. She believes that people need a space where they can experience the everyday life of a working adult and should not be reduced to merely existing. Selah believes that Putnam Clubhouse is such a place where she can explore her passions for advocacy, community-based mental health services, and human rights, worth, and dignity. She is also a University of California, Berkeley Biology Scholar and Incentive Awards recipient.

Ryan Lockhart

Ryan Lockhart joined the board of directors in 2016. Ryan served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force for six years, where he was a security policeman with duties ranging from law enforcement to nuclear weapons security. He then worked as an officer with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Vancouver, Washington. In 2010, Ryan graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. He is currently a certified tax and estate planning attorney with Buchman Provine Brothers Smith LLP in Walnut Creek. Ryan is committed to being involved in his community. He is extremely impressed with Putnam Clubhouse and its mission, level of staff commitment, and overwhelmingly positive influence on program participants. Ryan is a member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association and holds the following degrees: an Associate and Bachelor of Science in criminal justice administration, a Juris Doctor, and a Master of Laws in taxation.

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