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Work-Ordered Day

Weekdays at the Clubhouse from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm are organized around the work-ordered day. During this time, members and staff work together as colleagues to carry out all of the tasks involved in running the Clubhouse. Members volunteer to participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests. They are encouraged to build on their strengths and to learn new skills while engaged in cooking and cleaning, gardening, fundraising, research, creating informational and promotional materials, assisting each other with housing, outreach, intake and orientation of new members, hiring and new staff orientation, evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness, administering the employment programs, assistance with education, mental health advocacy, planning social activities, Clubhouse governance, and helping each other obtain services from the wider community.

Members participate by joining one of the Clubhouse’s three work units:

CAM: Career, Administration, and Multimedia

When you visit the Clubhouse, you will be given a friendly greeting and tour by a member of this unit who is working in the reception area. Clubhouse records and statistics are carefully recorded by the CAM Unit and a variety of other administration duties are also completed in CAM on a daily basis. The CAM Unit is responsible for running the Clubhouse’s thrift shop and snack bar. Career activities and new-member orientations are coordinated by the CAM Unit. A variety of multimedia activities also take place in CAM: production of the Clubhouse newsletter, updates and development of content for the website, creation of promotional and educational videos, Clubhouse video news show by members for members, and much more.

Hospitality Unit

This unit is responsible for all activities related to the meal program. Members working in Hospitality provide delicious and nutritious meals for themselves and the other members as well as food for fundraising and special events. Members are engaged in all aspects of meal preparation, from planning menus to shopping, from cooking to cleaning. The Hospitality Unit is responsible for the daily and weekly cleaning of the Clubhouse, facility maintenance, the flower station, and all outside garden areas. Thanks to the hardworking members in the Hospitality Unit, the Clubhouse stays fresh, clean, and attractive, at all times.

VERDE: Vocational, Education, Retail, Development & Enrichment

The VERDE Unit is our newest unit at Putnam Clubhouse, and it is responsible for career and education services and programming for our members. Programming includes: supporting members who want to work or go back to school, coordinating a monthly career lunch and dinner that addresses vocational and educational topics of interest to our membership, operating the Dress for Success thrift store where members can buy professional clothing and accessories for a reduced price, and managing our snack shop: Pat’s Place. Members working in Pat’s Place and the thrift store have the opportunity to gain and develop valuable retail skills. For our members who are employed, the VERDE Unit will foster member success by providing supports and advocacy and addressing member needs, questions, and concerns. Tutoring is also available for members enrolled in school. In addition, VERDE manages our Career Corner blog; Members and staff research articles and videos related to career and education success and post them online so that blog followers can benefit from its content. To sign up for the Career Corner blog, visit Clubhouse work is designed to help members regain self-worth, purpose, and confidence. We are very excited about our new vocational unit.

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